Jump on Newcastle Journey

Journey has plenty to find on the official figures with some of her peers in the Betfred TV/EBF Hoppings Stakes at Newcastle on Friday but she has looked a reformed character of late.

The John Gosden-trained filly initially looked disappointing and it took her four runs to break her maiden.Home bred by George Strawbridge, her mother Montare won a French St Leger but was notoriously highly strung and that appeared to be the case with Journey.However, Frankie Dettori has been on board the last two times and she has been far more tractable.

On her penultimate outing at Goodwood she went down narrowly to James Fanshawe's Speedy Boarding.At the time the form looked nothing out of the ordinary, but Fanshawe rates the winner very highly indeed and she came out and impressively won the Ballymacoll Stud Stakes next time out.

The pair did pull six lengths clear of the remainder at Goodwood so it was no surprise when Journey finally came good next time out at Newbury.Given an easy time of things at the head of affairs, Dettori got her to settle and was able to give one of his special waiting-in-front rides, beating some highly-touted fillies easily.


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